Moderation Policy

With comments enabled on various posts, you inevitable run into issues where people end up having discussions about topics that may or may not be relevant to the post they’re commenting on. Some of those posts might be spam and others are intended solely to troll.

To keep some semblance of order, we’ll be moderating the various comment thread and will take actions against any comments we deem to be inappropriate.

While most moderation will be left up to the discretion of the individual moderator, the following rules will be kept in mind.

  • Any comment that appears to be made with ill intent will be removed. That includes spam, trolling, harassment, personal attacks and so on.
  • The following discussion topics are banned unless explicitly allowed by the author of the post: Politics, Real World Religion

And that’s it. There may be more rules added if need be, but for now we trust in the maturity of our readers to keep things civil.